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Tax Reform is finally here – What does it mean?

President Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last week. This largest tax reform bill in 30 years lowers the individual and corporate tax rates, repeals a number of tax credits and deductions, enhances the child tax credit, repeals the individual penalty for not having health insurance, and more.  Most of the changes made…
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2016 Tax Highlights Video

Here is a short video with some tax filing items to consider as we get ready for the 2016 tax return filing season.

File Tax Returns on Time Even if You Can’t Pay

The tax deadline is almost here. Are you facing the deadline wondering what to do because you owe more tax than you can afford to pay when you file? If so, the worst thing you can do is stick your head and the sand and ignore the deadline. Even you cannot pay what you owe,…
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The Healthcare Law’s Impact on Your Taxes

You may not realize that the Affordable Care Act impacted more than your healthcare options and insurance costs. It also made changes to the 2014 tax returns that you file this year adding many new forms to fill out and questions to answer. If everyone in your household had health insurance coverage for all of 2014 through your employer, the…
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What’s So Great About CPAs?

You may not have asked yourself that question in so many words, but you may have wondered what sets CPAs apart from other financial professionals and tax and accounting service providers. The answer in short: A lot. We typically begin our careers with years of college and graduate education. To become licensed, we must take…
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Don’t Fall Victim to Phony IRS Requests

The phone rings. The caller says they are from the Internal Revenue Service and they claim you owe taxes and must submit payment through a wire transfer or prepaid debit card. Or you receive an email supposedly from the IRS asking you to share your bank account, credit card or Social Security number.  What should…
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